June 21, 2020

Philemon: Paul’s Pledge

Passage: Philemon 18-21

Bible Text: Philemon 18-21 | Speaker: Michael Kenley | This week’s message is the pen-ultimate in the Philemon series, and though on its surface it is a letter from the apostle Paul to his dear friend Philemon, it is also a profound revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and of the character and ways of Almighty God. Considered together with a passage from another one of Paul’s epistles, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21, there is a revelation here of the profound and extravagant extent of reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ.

Paul pleads with Philemon to not only accept Onesimus as a brother in Christ but also commits himself to covering whatever is owed by Onesimus, so that he will no longer a debtor but be free for useful service. Do we consider that God has not only forgiven our sins but accepted us as His own AND cleared us of indebtedness so that we might serve Him out of love?

Are we holding anything against another? Are we refusing to accept those God has forgiven and accepted?

Let us rejoice in the abundance of God’s grace and be “ministers of reconciliation” to those God has put around us!

Philemon: Paul’s Pledge

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