July 19, 2020

Divine Institutions – Part 3

Passage: Genesis 9:5-6, Genesis 11:1-8

Bible Text: Genesis 9:5-6, Genesis 11:1-8 | Speaker: Charles Clough | This is the third and final installment of this short series on divine institutions. 

(00:00-30:45) Charles Clough reviews the first three institutions: Human Responsibility, Marriage, and Family. These first three are foundational to human society and are revealed Pre-Fall. These three institutions are life giving and productive.

(30:45- 1:12:24) The 4th and 5th: Civil Authority and the Division of Human Tribes by Language, are revealed Post-Flood. These institutions have a preservative function. They are in place to keep human society from destroying itself while God works his redemptive plan in history. 

Key Passages:

Genesis 3:24 (The angelic sword guarding Eden)

Genesis 6:5; 11-13 (The wickedness on the earth in the absence of civil authority)

Genesis 9:5-6 (accounting of man’s blood from man)

Genesis 11:1-8 (The project at Babel and God’s dividing of human languages)

Romans 12:17-13:5 (Do not avenge yourselves – the institution of the civil “sword”)

Divine Institutions – Part 3

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