Interlocked is a Bible study integrating the Genesis-to-Revelation narrative, doctrine and apologetics for believers to live as thriving disciples of Christ.

A new tool available to parents and grandparents to learn from and/or use to teach young people age 15 and up!!

Free downloadable set of 55 illustrated lessons over 4 years in preparation and pre-tested on live adult and teenage classes in Canada, the US, and Singapore.

Originally created by a husband and wife team in Singapore from Charles Clough’s Bible Framework ( to train their three teenage sons. It was then edited by Charles Clough. NOTE: these lessons reflect the Asian emphasis on thorough training. Each lesson takes at least 2 hours with extra time to discuss how to apply what has been learned.

Ideal tool for parents and grandparents who are concerned about the aggressive Marxist/humanist public school training of our children but who can’t afford private school or the time commitment for home schooling.

To download the pdf files go to, click on “BIBLE FRAMEWORK APPLIED LESSONS” on the top bar, then in the left margin click on “Interlocked – Framework for Families”. You will then have access to the new website in Singapore from which you can see a brief description of this series and will be able to download all 55 lessons for free. A professionally translated Spanish version especially compatible with Latin American Spanish will shortly become available at this same site.

Because lesson pages contain color diagrams, printing paper copies can be costly with cartridge type color printers. However, the couple have a solution: “The Epson printer we use is from the EcoTank range. We like the Epson color printers in the EcoTank series because the ink refills come as bottles rather than expensive cartridges. You can see all the models here:

The cheapest model starts from $199. We use the ET-4760 (About $500). There are others in the range. We would recommend one that prints double-sided. And if you have the budget, go for one that prints in color faster (saves time when you have to print many, many copies for the class!). Of course, if you’re just printing for yourself or a small group, then the speed isn’t an issue. We print for ourselves as well as for our class members from our printer.

If you have any questions about this series, please let me know at

FYI – Charles Clough would like you to know that the Spanish version of Interlocked, the Christian family Bible training aid, is now available for free downloading. It can be accessed @